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  January, 2006 - Our Premiere Issue!

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Notes from the Western Edge is a collection of audio profiles of musicians working on the edges of Jazz, New Music, Electronics, and the sonic spaces in between.
   Produced in Los Angeles by Richard Paske, NFWE was published monthly from January, 2006 through July, 2007 and now includes 38 profiles, with more to be added on an occasional basis. To listen, use the ISSUE menu or click on a name in the Artist list on the right.

 David King

Probably best known for the sonic tsunamis he unleaches with the Bad Plus, drummer David King has many more sticks in the fire, some of which you might never have heard...

Happy Apple
The Bad Plus
Halloween Alaska
No Alternative
East Side Digital

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 Nels Cline

A guitarist's guitarist who might evoke lilting acoustic delicacies tinged with a gentle Spanish wind at one moment and immediately follow with an Armageddon of screeching and howling feedback, Nels Cline is carving a future for the guitar where no one has gone before...

Nels Cline

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